Thursday, April 10, 2014

Leandra in Du Diamond

The Look

Asteria Creations - Du Diamond 
Mesh Top & Mesh Skirt
There's also a Spring texture available

WoW Skins Leandra skin & shape


Miel Elo Jewelry Set

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wish I Could Fly

The Look
LIV Glam Wish I Could Fly 60L weekend deal and you still have a few hours to pick it up.  I almost overlooked it but glad I didn't.  I really like the textures of this 
tiered ruffled skirt & chained vest.
Three pantones via Hud
(I may have actually posted the wrong deal in the earlier post. I've been taking care of my sick dad for several days and he was just admitted to the hospital an hour ago.. so forgive me if I got a previous LIV glam post a bit mixed up.)
DDM Designs Ovation Jewelry set FREE
ArisAris Charismatic Sunglasses Classics
with texture change Hud
WoW Skins Taylor NEW at the mainstore 
*The poses and backdrop are my own creations. 

Asteria Alizee & Cino Separates

The Look

Asteria Creations separates Alizee Top - Glitter and Cino Mesh Pants.  There's also new white leggings that work well with the Alizee top.
Amarelo Manga -  Hellen Leather Bag
Mandala Kabuki Necklace
Epic Mesh Glitter Heels - previous gift
ArisAris Charismatic Sunglasses Classics
ZOZ Floral Etch Elegant Polish for Slink
70L @ Cosmopolitan Sale Room
Analog Dog Bree hair
WoW Skins Taylor NEW 
Shown with Luna face shape
*backdrop and poses are my own

Saturday, March 22, 2014


The Look

Amarelo Manga Jumpsuit Aline 
[Lace] - [Acid Green]
available in 5 colors
Amarelo Manga Cowhide Hellen Leather Bag
available in 5 colors
Amarelo Manga Iolanda Necklace
Amarelo Manga pumps - Waleska
Amarelo Manga Sunglasses Ivone

ZOZ Floral Etch Spring Polish for Slink
70L @ Cosmo Room
WoW Skins Luna and Luna face shape
exclusive @ Skin Fair 2014
Analog Dog Bree hair

Friday, March 21, 2014

Off the Record

The Look

LIV Glam Chic La Mode Off the Record sleeveless baby-doll top and satin pant set
WTG Vega hand/shoulder bag - previous gift
Donna Flora Cril Coral Necklace
ZOZ Floral Etch Spring Polish for Slink
70L @ Cosmo Room

60L Weekend LIV Glam Perfect 10

The Look

LIV Glam Boutique
Perfect 10 outfit is just that and also just my style with it's short skirt and off the shoulder feminine top. I would so wear this in RL.  It's one of several LIV Glam
 60L Weekend deals.
WoW Skins Luna and Luna face shape exclusive @ Skin Fair 2014
MIEL Viv Necklace
ZOZ   Floral Etch Spring polish for slink 70L @ Cosmo Room
You'll find a second set on sale at the Cosmo room too.  All the Zoz polishes are exceptional and I've yet to find one I didn't love.  If you haven't already, check them out. 
I think you'll love them too.
FASHISM 'Sunrise' Eyes
Analog Dog mode hair... and yeah, it's one of my favorites so you're sure to see it a lot ;) and in every color
* backdrop is my own photo

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


The Look:

Sascha's Designs  Bomax Jacket and pant set  in a variety of colors

WoW Skins Luna exclusive Skin Fair 2014

ZOZ Solid Spring 2014 polish for slink

DeLa Leather boots "Carine" White

Analog Dog Mode hair