Friday, January 28, 2011

Newest skin from *JeSyLiLo*

The newest skin from JeSyLiLo called Tota is realistic with it's barely there freckles and this natural look lends itself well for adult or child 
All 5 lips shades come with a total of 16 versions which include brunette hair bases, choice of eye makeup as shown, matte or shiny...and of course the teeth which is a tattoo layer. 
**I added Pixel Doll Doe Shimmer eye makeup in green to the top photo just because I like it :)
Tota Skin by Lilo Glom of JeSyLiLo

Monday, January 24, 2011

Portia Polka Dot

You'll have so many options with all the pieces that come in this Portia Polka Dot Lingerie Set 
from Seldom Blue.
The set comes with a corset/bra combo, corset, bra, thong, bra frills, open cup bra, nylons, suspenders, bustle, short full skirt, long skirt, nipple tassels as well as some see-through options in all layers.
The sets come in the following colors:  black, pink, blue, gold, red, purple.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beautiful skins from *JeSyLiLo*

The first time I cam across JeSyLiLo skins I fell in love with them.
The shading and makeup tones on this skin called Gum are realistic and beautiful.
I've shown the fair tone here since I tend to be more comfortable as a blondie but you'll find the darker tones just as beautiful.  The skins include a brunette hair base skin for each makeup option as seen in the top  
I just couldn't make myself go lash-less (wearing Redgrave Corner Point lashes) so I included a closeup photos of the styles pf eye makeup choices included in the pack.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Huge Re-Opening Sale at Seldom Blue

 All three pics above show just some of the ways you can wear Sexy Stella which consists of a fabulous dressing gown, nylons, bra, garter, bows for the bra (which I forgot to wear) total there are 24 pieces including layers.
 The set is available in blue, white, black, black/red, pink, purple, aqua.
Turn right when you enter the store and walk straight to the back and you will find it.
But don't miss the HUGE SALE on the other items consisting of silks, tiaras, earrings, headbands and lingerie and so much more at vastly reduced prices!