Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Amanda in Winter

* Dress - Pixelites Winter Sweater dress in      white/grey,  Leg warmers included. 
 Tons of      colors to choose from.

* Shoes - ArisAris - Boston

* Skin - WoW Skins - Amanda.
I'm wearing the shape but I did slim it down for the dress.  

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Get In

Already tired of the cold weather and dreaming of the beach?  Then go in style in Get In from ArisAris.  The suit comes with two tops, white crochet and a tartan texture.  The top has a string tie in the front and a zipper back...really cute. 

Shoes are  Eclectica Bowed Court shoes in Dove Gray. They come in six colors. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last Call for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo

This is the last post for the Jewelry & Accessory Expo.  I wish there were more time since I have so many more wonderful things I would have loved to blog, but the expo ends in a few hours.  
Anyway, I promised to post this Eclectica Pendant since I said I would in a previous post.  You can find that post here showing the rest of the Relic set. The pendant is available in other metals and of course the stones are texture change.

Additional credits: My dress is AVALE - Montana in the Violet Day texture.  You'll find it upstairs in the mainstore along with Montana in other beautiful textures.  

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Timeless Designs - Aurora

Timeless Designs - Aurora

Get it at the
before it's too late.  
It closes today!
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Relic by Eclictica

Relic by Eclectica
comes in black, dark gold, pale gold and silver, each with 9 stone colors. 
There's a pendant too.  
Photo coming in the next post.

at the 

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Artifact by Eclectica

Artifact by Eclectica.  
comes in six versons.  I'm showing two, the gold and silver The other versions to choose from are black, dark, nacre and pearl.

Each set is texture change by touch allowing you to change the color of the stones. to any of nine textures: white agate, green opal, turquoise, blue paua, amethyst, purple marbled, ruby, milefiori glass and pink & yellow agate.    

The set includes collar necklace, earrings and both left and right cuffs.  

This bold and beautiful design is one of my new favorites.

You'll find it at the 

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Black & White

*Dress - MINT! Stephania Dress is exclusive    to   Fashion Fair.
*Nails - Ultra mesh rigged V5 BY JAMMAN

All accessories are at 

*Sunglasses - Orage Ceramics - white
*Jewelry -Rainbows Custom Jewelry
*Shoes -{{BSD Design studio}} angel -grey  rabbit
*Shoulder bag - IMaGE Factory   
 with texture change hud - 5 sizes

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Monday, December 16, 2013

It's an Accessory Blizzard

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There are so many exceptional creations at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo and for that reason I'm trying to post as many as I'm able before it closes, so here's another five items you can't pass up.  

The sophisticated black and gold Twist chain Accessory set is from Crystal Line. I've been a fan of her jewelry since I discovered her line earlier in the year and it's easy to see why.

And  you know you just must have this Italian Style bag from INNUENDO called Passion and I'm certainly passionate about the bold gold accents against red fabric..perfect for this time of year too.  Don't forget to pick up the matching Passion shoes. I think they're so cute with the flower heel.  

The Burbank houndstooth hat is from Xen's Hats who always does them with style and flair and will coordinate nicely with a myriad of things.  

The Forever ring is from Son!a.  This is the platinum but there's  a gold version too.  The gold version would have been perfect for this look.  

Additional Credits:

Nails -ULTRA mesh rigged fingernails V5 by JAMMAN.  Also on MP.

Prop - Sled trimmed with Christmas lights and topped with a tree and a gift filled velvet bat is Holiday Delivery A  from StoraxTree.

Coat - PeKaS Urban Sophia Coat Exclusive RFL 2013.  I checked the store and MP to see if they might be selling a similar coat but no such luck.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Iolanda & Callista

So may wonderful accessories at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo and here are another two.  The necklace and earring set is Iolanda in bright white from Amarelo Manga.  The purse is Callista Clutch with an over-sized camellia flower and gold metal accent from Alexandra Sautereau Collection.  This color is the wonderful Macaw but there are six colors to chose from: Cinder, Macaw, Marroni, Pyxis, Vela and Zinfandel  The clutch as well as the jewelry set is much prettier than my photos show, so do yourself a favor and check them out for yourself.  

Ny dress, and you know how I love this color, is Vera in blue from MINT!  You'll find it at Fashion Fair.  

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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Zoey in Edelweiss

Zoey Colors of the Season skin is the SYS Project sale skin this month from Joli and what a lovely one it is.  The lip shade is just perfect for all the red and gold outfits this time of year.  Zoey comes wtih teeth and freckle layers and all the appliers are available.  I love it that brow options are included too.  That makes life so much easier.

I mentioned in a previous post that SYS Project would be closing it's doors at the end of this month. I'm happy to tell you that it will stay open but the sale skins will now be offered in the designers' stores instead of the main location. Landmarks to participating stores however, are at the main location and of course, I'll be posting many of the sale skins as always.  

This divine necklace with resizer is Edelweiss  from KL Couture available at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo until December 21st, 

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Modern Couture

So much to love especially when you find a style you adore in your favorite colors.  This shade of blue is my absolute favorite and even more so when combined with something white.  The skin I'm wearing has just the right turquoise eye shadow too.  It's Bhety from WoW Skins.  I'm wearing the Bhety shape but I did slim the body.  

The bold and beautiful Margo Blue necklace set from Modern Couture adds a richness to any outfit and the metallic finish  highlights the golden tree design in this tunic from Fabouzz.    You'll find the set, necklace and earrings, at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo along with Baroque Gold Couture clutch fromChicZafari . The tunic is on sale at Fashion Fair along with two other textures until the end of December.   

My nails are Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails  Jamman Jewels & Accessories.  The hud is user friendly and compatible for future appliers for Janman nails. I'm picky about nails and like things simple and quick, plus I've had problems with some mesh nails I've purchased recently but I have to say, I really like these.    

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Orchid

Orchid from Love Me Skins is  exclusive to The Fashion Fair  until December 30th.   I'm wearing the tan skin tone but there are four tones to choose from. Options include cleavage, dimples, freckles and ten lip shades.  There's also an Orchid shape.    

 KL Couture Winterland Jewelry Set in blue topaz and silver which includes necklace, earrings and ring is exclusive to the Jewelry & Accessory Fair.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Fashion File #543 Bold n' Black

My skin is Julia from Love Me Skins.  This is the pale skin tone with blonde brows but there are four skin tones, brow and cleavage options as well as 12 lipsticks.  Appliers available.  

The grey stiped peacoat is Penny from Pixelites. There are other versions including a solid suede texture to choose from as well as the fatpack.  

You can find the accessories at 

These are my new favorite earrings in silver and onyx from Son!a called Madie.  I love the big bold styles and these are definitely noticeable.  

The shades are Vintage Ferren in Chrome from Faun.

The handbag is Antelope in black from BSD Design and you have to love this stylish purse for being delightfully different.  You'll find it in a variety of colors and it's resizable.  

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Monday, December 9, 2013


Frostbite never looked so good...starting with Penelope Frost skin from Pixystix for SYS Project - December. Pixystix is offering two other frosty skins as well, Hayden Frost and Gabriella Frost.  

My snowflake sweater dress is the December group gift from Pixelites.

And you'll love this stunning jewelry set, Mabe Pearl Grape, from Crystal Line consisting of texture change hud, necklace, earrings and bracelets. The hud is quite nice offering not only nine stone choices and choice of metals but also shadow on or off.  You'll find it exclusively at the Jewelry & Accessory Expo.  

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