Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ChoCho from SAS

Choose your styling options with ChoCho from SAS as each set comes with the belted cream pants, a jacket with prim collar and buckle accented sleeves, a print shirt and an additional cream shirt with collar. Both shirts are crafted to be be worn without the jacket if you wish and look equally stylish.  Thank goodnessCho Cho also comes in a fatpack as it's a difficult to choose from all the beautiful colors available:  Aqua, Choco, Lime,  Magenta, Mandarin, Pink and Purple.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Never Ends

As the last petals of Summer float to the ground, 
Summer never ends in the heart...

so capture those innocent, carefree days we long for with these new separates from !gO!
The shoulder tied, ruffled hem blouse comes with two versions of flounce
but the look is complete when paired with these frilled shorts.
String ties at each leg are an option.
 What are you waiting for?  Grab your hat and skip on over to !go! where you'll find these separates in 6 colors.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Embrace yourself in circles of smokey gold gems with the Lucinda Jewelry set from

Amarelo Manga

consisting of necklace, arm cuff and earrings.  With Autumn just around the corner,  this set will coordinate especially well with all the new Fall fashion shades of golds, oranges and brows.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Durban Jewelry Set from AMARELO MANGA]

AMARELO MANGA known for unique clothing styles
is now creating jewelry worthy of the name.
This bold yet classy set called Durban
gives that look of distinction a woman craves.
The set consists of necklace and earrings 
and you can find the latest releases at the LM below:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kate Goes for Baroque

I couldn't think of a better way to show off these new Baroque earrings from[MAGIC NOOK]
than with this beautiful skin called Kate from [KF] KAKO FOLIE'S.
I tried for three or four days to complete the pics for this blog but my life was filled with one interruption after other and I'm afraid I missed some of the earring colors as well as the makeup styles.  I wanted to show them all since each one has a beauty all their own. 
Nevertheless, you can see the well crafted details of the earrings and most of the makeup styles of Kate.
The Baroque earrings come in  9 colors:  Aubergine, Coral, Earth, Honey, Olive, Pure, Rose, Royal Blue and Ruby.  Available separately or in the fatpack...which I just had to have. 
As for Kate, you will love this skin.  There are 12 skins:
4 smoke eye, 4 rose eye and 4 night eye, each wtih a variety of lips shades. 

Saturday, August 20, 2011


YUKATA is the latest release from PINKY*GALS  
with each color and texture capturing the beauty of a Japanese garden. 
I chose to show these in the more traditional style but you'll want to go to the store and see the display ads capturing these designs with the casual, spunky flair that  PINKY*GALS does best.


While PINKY*GALS is for adults; this dress suits big gals, little gals or just the young at heart. 
There's something for everyone at PINKY*GALS.
This SPIDER DRESS can look quite sophisticated or feminine and girly-girl
 and a simple repositioning of the skirt changes the look.
The matching hats come in both open and closed veil version
with even more colors to choose from than shown here.
To see more visit

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Entre Mares Wish

Graced with a sheer bodice and gloves 
this winged strapless gown by Entres Mares
is the epitome of ethereal beauty.
But if heaven is your destination for the evening
the leg baring slit up to the thigh may be just your ticket.
And the wings are detachable ;-)

Love Leather?.....

....if you do then you're sure to love this casual contemporary leather outfit called Kate from N1CO.
Kate is accented with a gold belt buckle and gold shoulder ornamentation.  
The sleeve, belt and puplum have a re-size menu allowing the belt and peoplum to be resized as one or individually.
Both straight and flare cuff options are included.
The tunic and pants may be purchased separately or as a set.
Available in red, brown and black. 
The earrings are Martina from Donna Flora

Friday, August 12, 2011

Africa Beach Collection from Amarelo Manga

 Explore your wild side in these animals print and African inspired bikinis from Amarelo Manga.
This version is high impact with silver rings accenting all the right places from cleavage to hips 
The gentle drape of fabric under the bust meets in the back with more rings giving you that 
stunning look coming and going.

 Not only does this version have rings at the bust, the straps are are made of metal rings. The color is fabulous and looks great against tan and darker skin tones.
This version is accented with gold accents at the bust and hips along with a red ties .
These are just three of the many prints, colors and versions available.  You'll want them all!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sugar n Spice....

... is the name of this new release from Glitterati by Sapphire
 This shot more clearly shows the unique gold sparkle overlay of the ballroom skirt.
 Ruffled cuffs, a sheer inner underlay and plunging neckline  make a dramatic statement.
*The necklace is from Gems & Kisses 
and one I've had for a while
but love how it compliments the gown.
Explore your styling options with the bra and lace trimmed cocktail skirt included.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Exotic Jovana

 Jovana  is the latest release from  ·· Deesse's Skins ··
I'm wearing the medium tone but the tan and dark are just as beautiful.
The shade you choose will contain 4 skins, three with hair bases:  blonde, brown and black, cleavage on undershirt, shirt and tattoo layers and a natural lip tattoo.
The 10 makeup layers are sod separately or in a fatpack  and come as shown
with both the lip and eye makeup on one layer.
My earrings are Dream Catcher from ..ılı.. P H R E S H ™..ılı.. and one of my favorite designs and in so many fabulous colors.
Dream Catcher comes in a few more colors that I didn't show  so make sure you check them out in the store.

Adventure.... the name of this new outfit by !go!
All the pieces shown are included: 
corduroy pants, linen skirt, linen blouse, leather vest, scarf, boots and undies. 
I'm always impressed with Gocha Merlin's attention to detail and this outfit is no exception 
from the ties on the blouse and vest down to the open and closed pant zipper, 
which allows you to be as adventurous as you dare.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Incredible L$10 Deal

 What a deal for this cute little print dress
named Not Forgetting.
You can wear the skirt and attached satin bow a bit empire style or lower it as I did for this look.
The necklace is Nahla  from Uzuri

Friday, August 5, 2011

Belle Gold

Shine in Belle from Agnes Finney of My Precious.
Available in Gold (shown), red, purple, pink, green and blue.
Complete the look with the Belle hat that sweeps glamorously over the eyes
and crowned with a matching stemmed rose. 
Jewelry is from Alienbear.