Monday, August 22, 2011

Kate Goes for Baroque

I couldn't think of a better way to show off these new Baroque earrings from[MAGIC NOOK]
than with this beautiful skin called Kate from [KF] KAKO FOLIE'S.
I tried for three or four days to complete the pics for this blog but my life was filled with one interruption after other and I'm afraid I missed some of the earring colors as well as the makeup styles.  I wanted to show them all since each one has a beauty all their own. 
Nevertheless, you can see the well crafted details of the earrings and most of the makeup styles of Kate.
The Baroque earrings come in  9 colors:  Aubergine, Coral, Earth, Honey, Olive, Pure, Rose, Royal Blue and Ruby.  Available separately or in the fatpack...which I just had to have. 
As for Kate, you will love this skin.  There are 12 skins:
4 smoke eye, 4 rose eye and 4 night eye, each wtih a variety of lips shades.