Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Watercolor Work of Art

Wow!  I put on this dress and felt like I stepped right out of a water color painting. I had to draw my own backdrop for this photo just to do this one justice.  The delicate textures flow exactly as you see in the photos.  You will love the halter neckline adored with lavender petals.  All I needed to do was raise the skirt to to right under the bust to turn it into this maternity style. The glitch pants are modifiable should you need to shorten them.  My tummy slider is 70 here so you should have no trouble wearing this one throughout your entire pregnancy.  The last photo shows how the dress looks non-maternity style. :) Simply stunning!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


There is certainly nothing icy about this new outfit by ICEWERK called PRIVATE SECRETARY. 
The blouse is 30% transparent with a detachable sculpted collar and tie ad is worn over a striped bra and panties. The panties come in both pant and under pant layer.  They black stockings trimmed in white and adorned with bows are included. 
You will find it at the ICEWERK's new main store.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Neon Baby Doll

This Neon Babydoll dress is new at So Many Styles.  It comes in blue (shown), pink, yellow, white, and black.The skirt, although quite short, is modifiable.  This also looks cute paired with dressy leggings. The light and airy texture of this skirt makes it perfect for Spring.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Fedora in Grey by Donna Flora

Classy, stylish and sexy describe this look by Donna Flora.  The jacket is modifiable and is just the right amount of sheerness to be sexy but appropriate anywhere...even to work when you want to strut your stuff.  The flower choker and fedora hat are included and you are sue to be noticed when you wear them.  This outfit just may be the one you want for this year's Easter dress.  I can't wait to wear this one to Easter services and to brunch with the girls. 
This outfit does come with gloves you will love...I just got excited and forgot to put them on for this photo.

Miami by Donna Flora

Okay...another dress I am in love with.  I tried this one on and did not want to take it off.  Feels just like Spring time so I had to take a pic outdoors on the farm.  The ruffle under the bust is just adorable.  I have shown you a side view so you can see that this works well with the pregnant shape.  The tummy slider in the photo is at 61 but this is a modifiable prim skirt and I was able to stretch it to the max to accommodate an even bigger tummy and it still looked great.  You can wear this with or without the jewel attachment at the bust.  Grab this one and be the prettiest flower in the the Spring garden...that's how it feels wearing this one.

Tulip by Donna Flora

This dress appropriately named Tulip is shown here in shades of wine.  I have the tummy slider at 53 which seems to be the max without modifying.  This sculpted skirt is modifiable so some stretching will work.  You should be able to wear this through your second trimester as least, and you will certainly want to wear it after your baby comes.  The lace at the bottom of the skirt is actually prim leg ruffles.  I think they are adorable but you can leave them off if you want a different look.  I love the feminine touch of the string bow under the bust. It is attached to the skirt and easy to adjust higher or lower depending on your preference. These wine shades are lovely for Spring but just add a jacket and you can take it through other seasons.  What a bargain.
I am in love with this dress by Donna Flora called Agostina.  It reminds me of the grace of a swan and is perfect for Spring and Summer.    I have shown it here two ways...under the tummy and over.  My tummy slider is at a whopping 70 in both photos and you can see it works well.  To get the raised skirt look you will have to wear your own panties underneath as the ones included are too long. Whatever you do, don't wear the straight skirt.  It won't work with pregnant tummies.  But you really can't see the panties through the skirt when it is raised that high.   I did try the skirt raised to just under the bust and found it was a bit too poofy for my taste but you may find you like it that way when paired with the right pair of dressy pants or leggings.  This dress comes in 6 colors...several with a floral motif on the skirts.  I may just go back and get the red one too.   You will find the dresses straight across from the landing point (behind the outside posters).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Whether you are a mommy to be awaiting your precious arrival or anxiously waiting for Spring, you'll adore this new dress by Simone!  Mommies....I tired this dress adjusting the tummy slider to just about the max and you can still wear this without any adjusting!  This dress comes in a variety of colors, some with a gold trim
option instead of the silver shown here.