Thursday, January 31, 2013

Livia - Amarelo Manga

Lacy Livia mesh dress with frill  neck and slim skirt is part of the Spring Collection from Amarelo Manga.  The style looks wonderful even without accessories but  lends itself well in making your own personal statement.  I had so many things in inventory that coordinated well with Livia but decided upon this Spring pink belt and shoes, both of which I've had for a while...and just an example to inspire you to make Livia your own.  
Hair - Magika - After
Pose - Ovation- Chloe Collection
Photo taken at C.K. Toddlers Fairytale Skybox.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lily Dress - Limited

Lily mesh dress is from 

It's limited so you can only get it until Feb 2 at
Jewelry - Mystic Empress - Chop Zuey
Boots - BAX
Hair - Exile - Catch My Breath
Pose - Ovation - from a new set to be released in a few days.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

PooPoo - Sascha's Designs

PooPoo is the latest outfit from Sascha's Designs and is part mesh.  It's pants, top, belt and a long fur trimmed open vest which I think is fantastic, sophisticated and is just my style.  

You can see the belt and the fact that that the outfit is pants and not a skirt, a little better in this pic.  
Of course for a different look, you can wear the outfit without the vest or even the fur trim.  

PooPoo also comes in white.  
Hair is Ambush by LaViere.
Black boots are from BAX.
Poses are from Ovation, to be released in a few days.  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fashion File #427

This photo was taken at Bryn Oh's  sim,  Immersiva.  If you haven't been there yet, you should have a look as she is well known for her creativity.  

I'm wearing the marie mesh dress from {le fil cassé available this round at Acid Lily.  You'll find it there in not only this gray shade but pastel floral prints.  
The open sweater is from Slave and an Acid Lily sale item too. 
The boots I'm wearing were free ones from In Her Shoes @ Vignette  .  I recently heard that Vignette is closing soon, so take advantage of all the freebies while you can.
After I took the pic I realized that I had these Pure Poison Electra boots that would have coordinated so well with the outfit.  These are the studded metallic but you'll find other shades at Acid Lily too.

My skin is Zima, new this month from JeSyLiLO.  It comes with 11 makeup layers from liners to eyeshadows, blush and 14 lip layers as well as a Zima shape and brown eyes.  
Hair is from Ploom and the pose is from Ovation.  

Friday, January 25, 2013

Faith Skin Promo Price

Faith from WoW Skins is Promo priced at only L$200 for per pack.  There are three skin tones.  I'm wearing the sun-kissed.    During the promo you can get the fatpack for L$500.  
The mesh dress I'm wearing is Scarlett from Zanze.  You'll find it for L$70 at this round at Acid Lily where everything is always L$70 or less with items rotating weekly.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fashion File #425

 These mesh frill coats from Slave Dressing Rom are so versatile taking you from morning til night with texture choices.  This is one of the more opaque textures but you can see below that some of the textures have a more delicate sheer look and pair wonderfully with lingerie. 

My skin is the new Roxanne from WoW Skins.  Roxanne comes with 6 makups, 2 Roxanne shapes, brow shape, lashes and Lolas Tango applier.  I'm wearing the Tan skin tone and just like all the WoW Skins, I think it's fabulous.  
Poses are made by me and found at OVation.  Pants are from the Lucee Choco set from Sascha's Designs.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Runa Limited Skin L$99 *Step inSide*

Runa is a limited edition skin from *Step inSide*.  It's LS99 at Designer's Circle but only until Feb 2nd.  It comes in several skin tones, with and without cleavage.  There's also a Runa shape.  
The ONNO  pink knit sweater is also from *Step inSide* at i99e - January.  There's some cute pink polar boots there that will match this sweater too.  
Hair from Exile - Fade into You
Shoes from Similar - Larisa
Jewelry - MIEL - Ahi

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


  • This skin called Cold is the January gift from JeSyLiLO.  I just added lighter brows. 
  • My pixie ears are from Illusions and are pretty easy to match skin tone/  Demo available.  
  • Wings are from Vaengi, animated/HUD.  There are demos for all the wings.
  • Starstruck is the new dress from Sascha's Designs.  Starstruck includes three skirt styles and a train as well as chest ruffles, shoulder wrap and cuffed gloves.  Plenty of colors to choose from as well as the fatpack. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Diamond Style & Step inSide

Diamond studded Bree with stole and diamond straps is from Diamond Style.  Bree comes with two skirt options, satin and tulle.  This is the Dark Coral shade but Bree does come in four other colors.  

My skin is July from Step inSide. I'm wearing the Normal tone and a light brow layer but July also comes with three  other shades, with and without cleavage, and a July shape.  
 You can find it this month at Designers Showcase for L$99.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Justine only L$75

Justine Skin & Shape is WoW Skins contribution to the Boobies Planet Event which just started.  I gave Justine an innocent look but the skin and shape can look quite sexy and glamorous.  Pop over and get the demo and see for yourself.  The event price is only L$75.  It does come with Lola's applier.  * Justine has dark brows. I'm using a light tattoo layer that I already had. 
 The knit dress is new from JeSyLiLO and comes in a variety of colors.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bella Special Edition - only L$99

Time is running out to pick up gorgeous Bella from 
Step inSide at SYS Project 
for only LS99.  
There'skin tones shown are Normal, Rosy Pale and Tan but there's also a dark tone not shown.  Skins come with and without cleavage.  

This is the Bella Shape



My apology if this becomes a repost.  I accidentally deleted it and trying to recover it. I hope it does not re-syndicate... holding my breath.
 My aplogies if this is a report.... I accidentally deleted it and trying to restore a post for the first time.

This is the latest skin from Step inSide that I mentioned a few days ago but here;s a closer look.  As you can see, Ceara comes with a freckle tattoo layer.
There are four skin tones.  This one is "Normal"

  • 12 eyeshadows (tattoo)
  • 3 eyeliners (tatoo)
  • 9 lips shades (tattoo)
  • brow shape
  • Skins with 4 brow shades.
  • Skins with and without cleavage
  • 5 blush (tattoo) as seen below

The close up pics are my own shape but this pic shows the Ceara shape.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Combine these geometric print separates from EMERY for a trendy, casual look. The sleeveless top is Cersei and the skirt is Arya.  Both are mesh and come in different shades, the top in six and the skirt in five.  Simple yet smart, this outfit is one of my favorites for everyday wear.  My leather boots are Carine in the Sand shade from DeLa.  My hair is Misha from PLOOM.  

The skin I'm wearing is the NEW Ceara from Step inSide.  Pick up the demo Here.  There are so many options from eye makeups to lips and even blush.  I took pics of all of them and hope to post a fill review in a few days.

If you like freckles, you've got that option too.  

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pre-Release Gloria

I've tried lost of hair colors but as you can see by my posts that I'm most comfortable as a blonde.  But that was before I tried this new skin called Gloria from WoW Skins with a hair demo from Analog Dog.  The demo happened to be in this kahlua color and of course, I just had to buy it.    The Gloria skin tone and the kahlua shade go well together and look so natural. 
Gloria comes with and without cleavage and two lip tattoo colors: cherry and rose.  I'm wearing the rose.

****I just TP'd to the store to get the LM and realized that there's a sale!  50% off all full packs. WoW is right!  Look for the signs.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Black Suede

Black Suede from ArisAris consists of mesh top, skirt and asymmetrical neckline as well as the belt and yep... the boots too. 
 Necklace is Mystic Enchantress from Chop Zuey.  
Hair/hat is from e l i k a t i r a
Skin is Eliza from Mirror's Enigma available at SYS Project.  This is my own shape but there's also an Eliza shape.  

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

X Generation

A pin stripe white button down shirt, satin pants, with a really great sheen and the black print tie makeup up this outfit called X Generation from Bubblez Design.  I blogged another of her designs yesterday and in case you missed it, you can find it HERE. There are demos for all the new things including this outfit. The hair/hat is an old one (2009) from Exile but I just couldn't resist using it.  Ankle boots are from BAX.  

Monday, January 7, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Isn't this the cutest dress?  It's Yoko Doll Dress accented with buttons and polka dots and it's from Bubblez Designs.  It's mesh and comes with the hat.  The prices are great and there are demos for all the new things including this dress.  
The ankle boots are new from JeSyLiLO and check out the other new boots while you're there.
My hair is from Wasabi Pills but the hair base is from Amacci
If you like youthful skins and lips with just a little bit of pout, you'll like this one.  It's Chiana from English Muffin