Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fashion File #427

This photo was taken at Bryn Oh's  sim,  Immersiva.  If you haven't been there yet, you should have a look as she is well known for her creativity.  

I'm wearing the marie mesh dress from {le fil cassé available this round at Acid Lily.  You'll find it there in not only this gray shade but pastel floral prints.  
The open sweater is from Slave and an Acid Lily sale item too. 
The boots I'm wearing were free ones from In Her Shoes @ Vignette  .  I recently heard that Vignette is closing soon, so take advantage of all the freebies while you can.
After I took the pic I realized that I had these Pure Poison Electra boots that would have coordinated so well with the outfit.  These are the studded metallic but you'll find other shades at Acid Lily too.

My skin is Zima, new this month from JeSyLiLO.  It comes with 11 makeup layers from liners to eyeshadows, blush and 14 lip layers as well as a Zima shape and brown eyes.  
Hair is from Ploom and the pose is from Ovation.