Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Goddess in Dustland

I've been so behind in blogging as RL has been a bit crazy lately.... well... actually, more than a bit.  I intended to blog Natalie skin from Goddess earlier in the month as this version was on sale at SYS Project but you can find other versions on Marketplace. It's a beautiful skin and well worth checking out. This is the pale tone that comes with cleavage options.  You'll also find six fabulous lip layers as well as teeth.  

Dustland from ArisAris is exclusive at the Boho Culture Fair but hurry because it closes Oct 31.  The high waist pants and bra top is a set and does come in another color.     

Necklace - Jewelry by Jake
Hair - D!va                   

Monday, October 28, 2013

Natalie in Flavour Dress

Skin and shape is Natalie - Wildflowers - Sunkissed from Liliskins on sale at SYS Project until the 28th.  
Natalie includes cleavage and brow options as well as shapes in S,M.L.  I'm wearing the small.

ArisAris Flavour Dress is a gift at the Boho Culture Fair until Oct 31.

Hair - Truth
Eyes - Poetic Colors
Earrings - Addiction

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kate in AZE Jade

Kate skin from WoW Skins is exclusive at Designer Circle:
Milk skin tone, brow color options cleavage option, freckle tattoo layer - two versions and the Kate shape which I'm wearing. Lola and Loud Mouth appliers included.  

Yum Kimil Jewelry Set is from AZE Designs created for Horrorfest 2013.  

Thursday, October 24, 2013

AmyLee in Diva A

AmyLee is one of the latest skins from WoW Skins, available in tan, dark tan, sunkissed and milk tones.  
AmyLee comes with the shape I'm wearing, brow base, cleavage option, freckle layers - two versions and appliers including Loud Mouth and the new Phat Azz.

Armony has created three Diva dresses/gowns.  This sequined mini is Diva A with  Lola's applier included.

Hair from Wasabi Pills
Eyes - Poetic Colors
Necklace - Chop Zuey (was a FFL exclusive)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Opal in Impedimenta Gear


Opal skin is from Deluxe Body Factory and this porcelain skin tone is a very pale shade.  It comes with three cleavage options and is one of the 99L skins on sale this month at SYS Project.  I'm wearing the Opal shape - 5'10" in height but modifiable.  

The jewelry set is Impedimenta Gear for Genre, created by AZE Jewelry Designs.  It comes in brass, copper and steel.  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Group Gift from WoW Skins

Real life has been beating me up lately but wanted to get this post end before the end of the month since this skin is the October group gift from WoW Skins.  It's Dama and this is also the Dama shape.  Also comes with brow base.
Eyes - Poetic Colors
Hair - Amalog Dog

Monday, October 14, 2013

I'm Baaaack....

I've been away for a while but back now, I think,  so here's  a quick post before I get back into the full swing of things. 
 SYS Project is closing it's doors so you'll want to pick up the 99L skins while you can.  I'm wearing  Ginny - Pacific - Sunkissed from LILISKINS.  You can find Ginny with three other eye shadows: lime, pineapple and violet as well as three Ginny shapes, eyes in turquoise and hazel,and four brow shapers.

Necklace is part of a set from Sax Shepherd Designs, which consists of necklace in two versions, earrings and bracelet.  The set is Frills Ione Diamonds Grand Jewels and is texture change by touch with great choices for gems and metals.  

Gown is Amaralina from Amarelo Manga.