Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creativity Abounds at !Igo!

Whimsy and creativity are everywhere at !go! right down to the store itself, from the book staircases to the colorful windows and decor.
You'll see TP doors on the right wall as you enter making shopping or browsing so much easier..

 Here's just an example of the unusual and creative styles that come from the mind of Gocha Merlin.

This Aneza Dress in Khaki is a FREEBIE!!

 This top and jacket combo is another FREEBIE!

 This outfit called Happy Village is yet another FREEBIE!
but be sure to check upstairs.  You;ll find this syle in a huge array of prints.  I'm going back for more myself.

 This wearable lily called My Space Water Lily is just the cutest thing ever.  
No more walking anywhere.  Just wear and and you'll glide effortlessly as across the floor.
Better yet, you can change the display message on the rock to either Busy, AFK or Go Away.

Just in time for Easter is another wearable.  Turn off your ao and wear.
You'll glide through the air while relaxing in your very own Easter basket
as you leave wake of little yellow chickies behind.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Romantic Boulses and Skirts at Fishy Strawberry

New from Fishy Strawberry are the Aragon Skirts and Neo-Romantic Blouses. 
perfect for ushering in the Spring.
The blouses have a bow atop each shoulder and I just love this detail and feminine touch.
Shown here in lilac they combine perfectly to look like a dress but can be easily mixed and matched with other colors or with other separates.
as their are plenty of colors to choose from.  
Available in Lilac (shown), White, Nude, Peach, Wine, Red, Black, Turquoise and Pink.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Half Price and a Freebie from LIsa L

The top photo shows Chiffon Butterfly Lace Dress.  
Half price at L$100 only until 11:59 AM Monday.
Two versions available and both on sale.
The second photos shows Hibiscus Dress and is a freebie.
You'll also find another freebie in the store:  a cute little face tattoo.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

This Celia Dress in White by Bounce is just one of the many beautiful items for sale with proceeds going to the Pacific Relief Fund. 
Styling is simple as each piece comes in all layers including three collar ruffle options and may be worn with our without the collar, duffs, or the lace top and pants.