Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lively White

Lively White with pink piping at the neckline and a loose belt at the waist is one piece mesh and one of the latest creations from ArisAris...a great addition to your Summer wardrobe.
Hair - Truth

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Luscious colors of Lakshmi

With always an array of luscious color choices form LAKSHMI this two piece outfit, Gala, is no exception.    These two colors have gold trim at the neckline and the waist but some of the color choices have silver trim. The skinny brown belt is optional.  

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amarelo Manga at Designer Circle

Lorena Romper in black with animal print accents is on sale at Designer Circle along with Lorena black ankle boots. Both are from Amarelo Manga. L$100 each.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dive In to Summer Fun

NDiver - Fine Diving Gear is one of the vendors at the Under the Sea Expo and I have to say, this outfit is a lot of fun.  
This set consists of:
aqua fins
four port tank
metal regulator with bubbles and sound
wetsuit socks

If you Lack a Diving AO, here are two recommended ones: 

Sala Snook's Diving AO, with superb animations. This one needs to use Flight.

ScriptWerks:s Scuba Swimming, simple and working nicely without having to use flight.  

Recommended swimming AO 
Swimmer 3.0 by Michelangelo  Rossini

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Waleska Pink - Amarelo Manga

What says Summer better than a cute little backless mini dress in a lively print.  This sassy print in pink tones is one of my favorites and makes you feel good from the moment you slip it on.  Waleska Pink is one of the latest releases in the Amarelo Manga Summer Collection.  
Bracelet is from Donna Flora.  
Skin - Amber - WoW Skins.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rayanne - Amarelo Manga

Deeply cut Rayanne from Amarelo Manga shown in the Ethnic Red print.
Jewelry - Crystal Line

The Muses - Siren

Siren rises from the sea in glorious form in this alluring outfit from The Muses.  This is the wine color but you'll also find Siren in blue, green, purple, red, silver and teal.  Available through June 26th at Under The Sea Expo.

Skin - Amber - WoW Skins
Hair - D!va

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Under the Sea with Fior di Perle

Fior di Perle Mermaid Outfit comes with a basic AO with two animations and just one of the creations you'll discover under the sea.  Under the Sea Expo runs through June 26th and don't forget the hunt.  Every Under The Sea Expo Exhibitor has donated a prize to this event!  DETAILS
Hunters will visit the starting location on the Expo Sim.  By clicking the starting shell, they will be taken on a guided tour around the sim in search of Alina's Lost Pearls!  

Expo Sponsor - Oceania Breedables
Amaretto Ranch Breedables
Bands of Cypher
Beautiful Freak
Cerridwen's Cauldron
The Cetelogical Museum
Curio Obscura
Evie's Closet
Fantasy Flora
Fior di Perle Skins and Clothes
House of Rain
Mer-chandise Cove
The Muses
Oceania Breedables
Two Moon Paradise
Zohee's Mermaid Designs

Special Event 50% Off Sale from Glam Dreams

In celebration of Frank's Jazz Venue 6th Anniversary, Glam Dreams is offering Ectasis Gown in this exclusive color at 50% off!  You'll only find it this weekend at The Galleria at Franks. Remember, you can buy it for yourself or as a gift, since All Glam Dreams designs are: 
YES transfer ☑ 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lovely Lunas

There's a sale on this dress and more but you have to hurry.  I'm behind on my blogging but you still have a few hours before the sale is over.  Hurry to Glam Dreams now!! This style is fabulous and it comes in more textures.

Annie Oakley Get Your... Style On

                Annie Oakley, known for her sharp shooting, traditionally a male skill, showcased her skill while emphasizing her femininity with her fashionable attire.  Had she been born in a later era, she just might have put together an outfit like this.  
The outfit is called Heatless but nonetheless... is smokin' hot.  It's new from ArisAris.  Comes with Lola's applier.. something else Annie may have appreciated.  

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jessica - Amarelo Manga

Jessica wild print dress is the latest release from Amarelo Manga.  The crocodile clutch purse is from Amarelo Manga as well.  
Necklace - Crystal Line
Skin - Iman WoW Skins
Makeup -  Helix Dulce Secrets
Hair - Analog Dog

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Xanadu Gold

Sascha's Designs has released Xanadu Gold and as always you'll have options for wearing it as you wish. There are two top styles, flower attachment, a single flower attachment, chest deco piece and a shoulder piece.  The skirt choices are swishy, mermaid and grande flexi.  You can even wear the dress without the skirts if you wish as the gown itself is mesh.    

Jewelry - VENDOME Jewelry
Hair - Alice Project 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blissful in Buttons and Bows

Little white shorts and a delicate floral print top with pink empire waist piping, that's Blissful from ArisAris.  And blissful it is with a bow accent and flattering tiny little buttons down the back. The outfit is mesh but separate pieces allowing you to mix and match if you wish.  

Skin- Hannah - WoW Skins
Lip Makeup - Sasha2 - Mons
Hair - Truth

Sunday, June 16, 2013

DAF02 - Sexy Fashion Exclusive

So many cute summer fashions at The Summer Fashion Festival which closes today, that I had to post just one more.  This is exclusive Bananas Summer Dress from DAF02 - Sexy Fashion. Love the ruffles and the string tie in the back.  

Tania in Enitan

Last call for The Summer Fashion Festival and to get this LIV-Glam Boutique  neon tunic, Enitan.  

My skin is JOLI Tania special edition-bronze.   It comes with cleavage option, Lola's applier and a freckle layer.  Tania also comes in a darker skin ton, Cafe.  Only at SYS Project.  

Niani in AsHmOoT

If you want this cute yet sexy Monokini from AsHmOoT. and you know you do, you'll need to hurry.  It's only at The Summer Fashion Festival through June 16th.  

Niani skin and shape is one of the latest skins from WoW Skins.

Hair Truth

Saturday, June 15, 2013

MIRROR'S ENIGMA - Croix - Smoky

MIRROR'S ENIGMA Croix Exotic Smoky skin is on sale this month at SYS Project for L99. This beautiful special shape is included along with three make-up styles and Lola's and Lush appliers.  There's also a Croix natural dark lip pack and a Croix eye shadow pack each with six make-ups.  Each pack L99.

The swimsuit is AnneMarie in olive from Seldom Blue and Lola's compatible.  
Hair - Amacci