Friday, June 7, 2013

! P I X E L I T E S in Overdrive

! P I X E L I T E S brings you Cheetah Bewbie Top - Grey  with applier, washed jeans skirt, belt and fingerless gloves.  You'll find the outfit at The Summer Fashion Festival.

And wear it in style on the Ego Bike.  It;s a Prestige Gift from Egoisme.  And what a bike it is!

Ego Bike
Ego Bike with fuel RP
Ego Fuel Pump
spare gas cans 2
Driver HUD
Driver HUD + Fuel System

Here's some of the features:

    Alarm System - Optional anti-theft alarm system with sound and lights
    Animations - up to 10 custom animation states for driver and passengers
    Auto Light System - Optional automatic headlight / lights on with the engine.
    Automatic Transmission - optional automatic or manual gear shifting
    Burnout -Trigger via key controls or Driver HUD
    Brake Light
    Camera System - Menu adjustable camera settings and save and load from three presets
    Driver HUD - New ultra-low script count Driver HUD with position adjust and numerous control
  .....and too many more to mention..

Additional crdits:
Boots - BAX
Hair - Catwa
Skin and Shape - GAALL Sunflower  from the Complete avatar at The Summer Fashion Festival
 (see previous post)