Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Moira Gown & Photo Contest

Moira comes in 6 colors and 4 different skirt choices.
There are matching shoes available separately but placed next to the gowns for your convenience.

In celebration of the release of the new gown ,
Glitterati is holding a Photo Contest!
Prizes will be awarded to those that are chosen as ..

1st Prize - Glitterati Queen  - 5000 L shopping spree at Glitterati
2nd Prize - Glitterati Princess  - 2000 L Store Gift card
3rd Prize - Best photo composition (  This prize is for the photographer ) - 2000 L store gift card

Till the time the contest is on the price of the gown will be 400L and shoes will be 199L.  After that Gown will be priced at 700L and shoes @ 400L

Rules of the Contest

1. You must be wearing the new gown called Moira and submit all photos to Sapphire Teebrook or Aster Orchicz . You can choose any of the skirt options  and display them the best you can in a photo. Over all look and presentation is the key!

2. Send all photos to Sapphire Teebrook or Aster Orchicz in full perm. You must agree that this photo will be featured in Flicker or any advertisement and promotions that Glitterati will hold in future.

3. Staff and Models cannot join the contest.

4. You can send as many photos as you  see fit that would display the gown at its best.

5. Sapphire and Aster will judge the submissions and their decision will be considered final.

6. Make sure that you name the pic your avatar name.

7. You have to be  member of - Glitterati by Sapphire - Group to participate in the contest.
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