Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ELF*ing Awesome at !GO!

Okay, I posted a ton of pics for this one but it was just too much fun to stop.  Besides, who can really be upset at someone so elf*ing cute?   '-)
Elf Girl is a complete avatar.  You'll get everything you see: shape, skin, ears, hair and the complete outfit right down to the hand held bell and an AO.  The AO will allow you to skip merrily wherever you go, dance, ring the bell, blow a kiss, fly and bow in greeting.
The Elf Girl outfit is detailed with candy canes and holly in the jacket pockets, scarf, gloves, shoes and a  hat adorned with Christmas lists secured with a wrapping of Christmas lights. 
Oh, I almost forgot... she has a frosty breath attachment and smile animation.
There's a matching male elf avatar in the store!
Here's where to check them both out:  !GO!