Monday, February 17, 2014

Carried Away

In case you haven't noticed, I tend to get carried away when I take photos and it was so easy to do with this look.  Asteria Creations Angelique Dress is a sexy little number that lends itself well to accessorizing yet just as beautiful without.  The shoulder flowers and the back detail make this this one an 
attention getter and 
a lot of fun to wear.
Jewelry is Modern Couture 
Luxury Set 
along with one bracelet from Crystal Line, Mabe Pearl. 

ArisAris Charismatic Sunglasses Music are unique.  My photos don't show them well but there are two versions, classic and stupendous and they're texture change. The glasses are part of a new collection 
designed by 
Ayrton Radikal and Ariadna Garigus.  
"The Runner" is the style available for men.
Check them out on MP.  

My skin is WoW Skins Love taken from the new complete avatar set.