Monday, May 14, 2012

Soedara & WoW Skins

 "My condition, my status, is doubtless clear to you. Would it not be clear from the speaking of chains, and collars, and such?" -  Marbella Pronovost 

Alexia never looked more  captivating wearing 
Tarantia d'Or Unum - Gold from ~Soedara~.
The set is complete from head jewel down to anklets and two versions of arm bracelets, snake and plain.
The chastity belt and skirt are all in one!
Jut click the skirt to make it disappear or appear.
::WoW Skins:: mew Alexia skin is stunning.
7 makeups and natural
there skin tones (tan shown)
versions with and without cleavage
Alexia shape (worn)
black hair base layer
lip gloss layer (worn)

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