Friday, May 4, 2012

Suit Yourself with Shiki

Suit yourself in lovely pastel colors with this new release form SHIKI.
You can wear this suit with or without the pockets and have your choice of wearing the plain or the flower collar.  The color choices are orange, blue pink, green, purple and yellow.
The bag is CARISMA mesh Elegance bag in Paprika.  It does come in green and neutral colors too.  You'll receive two bags, one with hold pose and one without.  The hold  pose shown is one I made myself and not the bag pose.
The Isa ProJects Ainoha Gold Tropical Earrings match perfectly with the flower on the orange collar.
If you need shoes for the orange suit, DELA has the perfect pair in Stella spice orange.  Stella comes in  19 colors.
Everything at the Dela mainstore is half price so get them while you can.