Saturday, August 25, 2012

Enchanting Teazy

  Teazy is just what the name implies,  revealing skin in all the right places yet reamaining charming and fanciful all at the same time.  The sheer skirts have an ethereal beauty, no matter which one you choose to wear.   Teazy by SASCHA'S DESIGNS comes with a sleek skirt, sweeper skirt and swirl attachments at the hip.  I'm wearing the sweeper skirt.  The sleek skirt has lass coverage.  Teazy is shown in magenta, silver and baby pink but comes in an array of other colors:  aqua, baby blue, gold, saffron, black, vanilla, pink, creme, purple and rust.  If you want more than one color you have three different fatpacks to choose from.  
Hair is Yuri3 from D!VA.

If you love the look of photoshopped backdrops but just don't have the time, you can create stunning photos using Studio Mirage in-world.  The only lighting used in the above photos was a low fill face light.  No extra lighting or photoshop.  I've been using this technique for my photos for a while and made a studio with over 60 of my images enabling you to achieve the 'photoshop' look in minutes.

You can find the demo studio at OVATION on the second floor.  Designed for simplicity.  Click the screen to change effects, click the side bars to change the backdrop.  Touch the sign to the right of the demo for full details.  Poses in the pics are from Ovation as well.  Have fun and explore the possibilities!