Saturday, August 11, 2012

*ES* Modeling Chair

This new modeling chair from ESSENTIAL SOUL uses their new pose animation engine, available for creators, called XPOSER EVO. The engine allows for more than one avatar to sit in the same pose set and can become a huge group set.   
This particular chair comes with four couple poses with a swap ability, twenty female modeling poses, one group which rezzes an additional chair and three prop options.  The prop options are poses that cleverly tilt and turn the chair for more interesting poses.  The second photo is one of the prop option poses but there is one that literally turns the chair on it's side. The chair is texture change - eight colors, copy and mod. The LM above will take you directly to the chair to try for yourself.  
The lingerie is the Leanna cincher set in cream from SELDOM BLUE and comes on all layers. The bra is sheer but I covered up for the pic.  It's available in just about any color you could possibly  desire as well as bustier or a long corset version.