Monday, May 20, 2013

WoW Skins - Madrid Solo - Liv Glam

Beautiful Faiza from WoW Skins is currently at SYS Project for LS99.  The shape is the top photo is the Faiza shape and brow shape and cleavage options are included.  You only have this week to pick it up.  

The next three photos are Faiza with a different shape with three of the new Madrid Solo Wedding Designs.  You can find them through the 26th at the Wedding Expo.  The Designs from top to bottom are Day Lily, Birds of a Feather, Easter Island.  But these aren't the only three.  The pack has a total of six designs.   
Each design has three options, upper only,  lip only and full set.   

The dress is LIV Glam Boutique-Spring 2013-ANDINA Print and you'll have several colors to choose from.  The dress is mesh and you'll find it at The Garage Designer Fair.  By the way, the first two Madrid Solo Designs work well with this dress.