Monday, July 29, 2013

Egoisme - The Molten Mesh Revolution


A Revolution in Mesh Fashion by Egoisme

Italian fashion and avatar accessories brand, Egoisme, has been creating high quality couture and skins since 2009, but with the launch of its brand new Molten Mesh™ range of products, Egoisme is now redefining mesh technology.
Molten Mesh is a rigged mesh range of clothing that clings to your body and moves fluidly for a natural and realistic look.
You can now take control of how mesh fits you thanks to the adaptive nature of Molten Mesh as Egoisme CEO, Ramses Meredith explains:
“Molten Mesh is adaptive unlike other systems. It lets you fit clothes around standard and non-standard proportions and body shapes just like our bodies are in real life. This clothing also fits standard SL mesh sizes perfectly and it doesn't matter if you are tall or short. The Molten Mesh system fits your body like a glove and follows the changes in your shape. It also lets you have another degree of customization and the additional alpha layer ensures you look flawless.”
Egoisme plans on creating new lines of Molten Mesh clothing every month, but to launch this exciting new line, we have created Cargo Shorts for men and the LouLou Dress for women.
LouLou has been created to showcase the amazing additional details that Molten Mesh can bring to an outfit. Choose from a selection of either block colour or patterned fabrics – including some hot new molten metal shades that are bound to grab attention.


Egoisme Prestige members have 25% discount on every Egoisme article (inspect vendors to see the discount script before to buy).  Egoisme Prestige group members must wear their tag before buying (remember: just LEFT click on the item to pay and receive the item)

  •  Egoisme LouLou Dress shown in Khaki - available in nine colors.   
  • Shoulder Bag - ::una:: 
  • Skin - Molly - Favorite Genes
  • Hair - Analog Dog