Thursday, December 20, 2012


A face framing deco collar and dramatic shoulder scarf accemt Mystica from SASCHA's DESIGNS. Get a slightly different look by re-positioning the scarf or by just wearing the deco collar.  The gold accented texture is actually much more brilliant than my photos show.  I sort of got carried away with my backdrop and atmosphere and didn't realize it until I was done.  But you will love the texture no matter which color your chose.  Colors to choose from are black, orange, pink, red, seafoam, silver, turquoise and violet, and of course the fatpack.  Each comes with a fluff skirt, split straight skirt, split hip swirl and  my favorite, the cocktail grande skirt.  Earrings are from ALIENBEAR. Poses are from OVATION.  Shoes are from N-Core.