Monday, December 24, 2012

Things My Father Taught Me

When I was a little girl my dad traveled out of State during the week and I only saw him on weekends,  so Sunday  was the day we all sat together at the dinner table.  When dinner was over, my dad would always gather up any bread crumbs, any left over bread or stale crackers he happened to find in the house, and without saying a word, would walk outside. I followed him out one day and like a young child does, I looked up at him and asked, "Daddy, why are you always throwing bread outside?"  Still looking into the sky he replied, "God loves all of his creatures.  If I take care of them, God will take care of me.  I've been doing this for a long time and I've never been without."  He gave me a handful of crackers and we stood there scattering crumbs all over the lawn.   That was a long time ago. A simple thing yet it made an impression and taught me a lesson in caring for creation but also gave me an appreciation for what I have. And yes, to this day I can say that my Dad has been taken  care of.  So, this Christmas when you're full of Christmas dinner... show your appreciation to the One who gave it with a simple gesture of also remembering  His creations.