Friday, December 21, 2012


There's so much to like about Melody, the latest gown from GLITTERATI by SAPPHIRE.  The graceful split skirt, bows and lace adorning the bodice and pants makes you look like you just stepped out from the pages of a fairy tale.  
And designer Sapphire Teabrook is great at creating just that.  Some of the little elements make all the difference.  The little straps add a nice touch to the diagonal cut across the back.  The bow sash is embellished with a gold gem here but you'll also receive the silver.  The same goes for the bow hat.  
One note though, the feathers and netting are actually part of my hair which is Sugarplum Coiffure from BOUDOIR.  The gorgeous rich color of this gown is Mahogany but you'll also find Melody in rec, black, teal and chocolate.  There's a bonus pack too.  Poses are from OVATION.  Jewelry is from SON!A.