Friday, April 5, 2013

SHINE - MoYaz -AIDORU @The Event- Hollywood

This skin, the vested mini dress and the necklaces can all be found at The Event - Hollywood.
This skin is Ava from **SHINE**.  I'm wearing the pale tone in the silver smoke makeup but Ava also comes in other skin tones and makeup options. I normally wear the cleavage option but got tired and wasn't paying attention, but you'll most definitely have that option as well as a teeth option.
The Alice dresses are from MoYaz and from the Hollywood Collection.  Marilyn and Audrey are just two of the of the Hollywood stars to choose from.  
The AIDORU necklace is actually a man's necklace but you can see it works fabulously well for us girls just by making it a little smaller. It comes in both the silver and gold tones.
Look for them all at:

March 30-April 15
Info Here